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The fun filled activities which can be pursued at GK Dhruvathare, Lead Group

An Indian village best demonstrates our closeness with nature.  GK Dhruvathareis an endeavor to replicate this closeness for the all-inclusive community living in urban territories or for the people who long to recollect the euphoric straightforwardness of their childhood days

Experience life on a residence, meet our pets and bring yours along for we understand the hugeness of a family. Come oblige us at GK Dhruvathare, where we laud the blend of nature’s bliss and human candor through our commitments in regards to sensitive and keen sincerity.

Night Stay & Day Out Packages

Experience  life in an Indian Rural Town

The Rural Experience Package incorporates a skip filled remain at GK Dhruvathare.

Experience shaky field rides on bullock trucks, go insane collaborating and playing conventional Indian recreations like gilli-danda, lagori, bambaram and doing kite duels. Spend happy hours singing what’s more, moving around campfires, bouncing into a characteristic lake or simply lounging around and having a very rest by yourself.
GK Dhruvathare offers an altogether different arrangement of exercises at the resort. Here, you enjoy every day exercises that individuals follow in an Indian rural town. It is an enjoyment and in addition learning background and its effortlessness all energizes a cheerful inclination and a blissful grin.

Or on the other hand in the event that you are simply searching for a very occasion, you can go for a bike ride or a nature walk or locate a pleasant book in our scaled down library or essentially sit down and appreciate the quietness and isolation offered by GK Dhruvathare

Traditional Sports – A number of enthralling traditional games played in the villages of India can be pursued at Our Native Village;
– Gilli-Danda
– Lagori
– Spinning Tops
– Flying Kites
– Cycle Tyre Racing
– Aiming with Catapults

Thrilling Events –  GK Dhruvathare additionally offers some go-insane exercises, only for the sake of entertainment

– Chasing Ducks & Chickens
– Singing & Dancing
– Jumping in the Pond

A Culture Experience – At GK Dhruvathare , a number of rural activities can be learned;
– Milking Cows
– Riding Bullock Carts
– Making Flower Garlands
– Rangoli Designs
– Elementary Farming Techniques
– Pottery

Stay Packages for holidaying couples

Intimate Escape: explore a new meaning to love …

Straightforwardness has an appeal in itself as does love;

At GK Dhruvathare  you will discover a combination of both. The withdraw is the ideal place to revive an old sentiment or for starting another one.Intimate Escape tenders an extraordinary ordeal to honeymooners and holidaying couples. Invest quality energy with your buddy; go on sentimental strolls along the nation paths, appreciate unstable bullock truck rides clutching each other and have starry-peered toward candlelight meals by a pond. Intimate Escape guarantees finish protection and a warm friendly remain.

Stay Packages for Corporates

Corporate  Package Do business meets …in a 100% eco office!

GK Dhruvathare likewise has corporate gatherings, meetings and preparing programs. The Corporate Package is an exceptional approach to working with round table meetings in coracles and executive lunch menus containing korirotis, ragimudde and payasam. Exciting country diversions are a decent method to inspire group spirit and energize kinship among the administration and operatives.

Conference Facilities –

– Conference room has a seating limit of 100 guests.
-State of the workmanship varying media hardware is installed.
-Adequate space for group building exercises and sensational Rural recreations.

While you are here, after you finish all your bona fide social events, you can value all the evangelist practices, functions and entertainments that we have from the Indian town. You can go on bullock truck rides, play preoccupations like, gillidanda, turning tops, marbles, flying kites, hopscotch, do some stoneware, et cetera… or you can make sense of how to wrinkle a field, deplete a dairy animals, start a manure pit, create regular vegetables… or take a bicycle and go on a long calm fantastic ride. …phew… that is a significant measure… and this isn’t all… there is considerably more for you at GK Dhruvathare ! Thusly, now we really look for you will now consider us after your association events… as not routinely do you get the chance to do your association events in a 100% eco office!

Since you have an alternative of a 100% eco office, here is your chance to try your green aim. At GK Dhruvathare , we emphatically trust you ought to pick us as a scene for your executive gatherings, trainings, meetings, group building works out, and so forth., in view of the truthfulness with which we approach eco living and green issues. We are not kidding about it. Green is a direction for living for us, and not a cleverness crafty advertising ploy. What’s more, we likewise trust in being aggressive. We are not requesting favors, since we have strolled that additional mile in being green… rather we are just requesting to be considered, while you search for a resort/lodging to have your occasions. And keeping in mind that you do your shopping, keep your ‘green’ goal in concentrate additionally, in light of the fact that this is the place we fit in – in supporting you with your green strategy.

Institutional  Packages for Students

A day in a village as a perfect way to rejuvenate

Unwind in a local town setting, while you pick and appreciate the distinctive town encounters. With unadulterated air, birdsong and unlimited perspectives of fields and homesteads, the resort is an ideal place to revive yourself, and reconnect with your friends and family or security with your partners over a scrumptious and solid supper. Fly a kite, play town recreations like gillidanda, lagori, turning a best, launch terminating; or relax around at the Hero Stone Garden (Veerakallu) swapping your own particular stories. Attempt your hand at draining the dairy animals, learn long overlooked expressions or simply sit and appreciate the calm and stillness.

Fun Food Festivals at our GK Dhruvathare

You’re invited to attend our Cultural Food Festival!

Come and experience food and entertainment from all over the India. There will also be bouncy castles, cotton candy, snow cones & face painting for the children. Bring mom, dad, grandma & grandpa, aunts, uncles the entire family to a day of FUN, FOOD AND CULTURE.

Every 1stSunday of the Month
Time: 1pm-7pm
this is one day you need NOT to cook.
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Events at GK Dhruvathare

  • Outdoor sports – Gilli Danda, Turning Tops, Marbles, Flying Kites, Hopscotch, Shuttlecock Etc.
  • Indoor sports – Carom, Chess, Snake & ladder.
  • Hilltop Valley View
  • Bird watching n Photography
  • Horizon View of Sunrise & Sunset
  • Kite Flying
  • Tractor Joy Ride
  • Mud Kabaddi
  • Uri Sports (Pot Breaking)
  • Slippery tree
  • Rainforest Dance
  • Natural Swimming Pond

Adventures Activities at GK Dhruvathare

Life is the Biggest Adventure…Enjoy it….

  • High rope activities for 4 activities.
  • Burma Bridge
  • Side walk
  • Tire walk
  • Shaky rope walk
  • Zip line
  • Rock climbing
  • Water Zorbing
  • ATV Bikes
  • Trekking (Stream & hill trek)
  • Shooting
  • Professional Archery
  • Private Bonfire
  • Bullock cart Ride
  • Trekking (Stream/Forest/Animal Trails/Life Skills)
  • Night trekking / Sky Watching
  • Special Couple dinner on watch tower (Only on pre-Booking)
  • Fishing In the Reservoir
  • Private Camp Fire (10 Logs)

Attractions around Hassan and Channarayapatna

Apart from the popular trio ,Belur – Halebid – Shravanabelagola trio, there are a lot more to explore around Hassan. Two conditions, you need to be keen on archaeology and not to rate these temples with respect to the more popular temples at Belur and Halebid. Set base at Hassan which is about 180km away from Bangalore on the NH48.

For those who are driving from Bangalore, Hassan has good number of restaurants and hotels. For those Kamat’s fans, there is a KamatUpchar just after Channarayapatna, on the right side of the highway. On the left side of the highway is A2B, slightly ahead of KamatUpchar. If you are of CCD genre, keep in mind the Cafe Coffee Day outlets at Bellur cross (after Kunigal), Channarayapatna (after the town,next to KamatUpachar) both on NH48 and the one at Arsikere (before Haranahalli).Koravangala has a beautiful Hoysala period Buchishwara temple. It’s about 12km from Hassan. Take the Arsikere road from Hassan. Watch out for the right diversion (Koravangala rail gate) , about 8km from Hassan town. Now the road winds through paddy farms and traces the edges of the Koravangalalake. You’ll see the temple after 2-3km Haranahalli is another gem on the same route to Arsikere from Hassan. You’ll find the Someswara Temple and the Keshava Temple near by. And of course Arsikere has the Chandramouleshwara Temple, all executed in the typical Hoysala style. A 15km detour from Channarayapatna can take you to the Lakshmi Narasimha temple at Nuggehalli. Once a flourishing town during the Hoysala period, now it is a small village with two temples on its edges dedicated to, Lakshmi Narasimha&Sadashiva . Both are living temples. Kondajji about 15km north of Hassan on the way to Halebid has the Allalanatha temple, famous for its 14th century massive idol. Further north, before Halebid is Adagur with a sprawling lake. Belawadi and Javagal (Javagallu) are further north of Halebid. Javagal has the Lakshminarasimha temple as the main attraction while Belavadi has the VeeraNarayana Temple, both are protected monuments, again executed in the Hoysala architectural style. You can make a circular detour from Halebid to Belawadi and Javagal and back. By the way Shravanabelagola is about 10km detour from the NH48. You’ll see signboards for diversion as you near Channarayapattna. For Halebid take the ring road on the outskirts of Hassan. You can reach Belur from Halebid, of there is another direct road to Belur from Hassan. And do not miss the Doddagadduvalli on the Hassan Belur route 14km south of Hassan on the way to Holenarsipura is Mosale, another important Hoysala site with the twin temples of Nageswara and Chennakeshava stand in symmetry. Gorur, 25km south of Hassan on the way to Arakalgud is another toursist location. The dam built across Hemavathi is is a popular picnic spot. The 15th century YoganarasimhaSwamy, on the banks of Hemavathi and the Trikuteshwara, Vasudeva and Kailaseshwara temples are other attractions.

In the way to Gorur, at Shettyhalli , by the side of the backwaters is the ruins of an ancient church dates back to 1860 CE. As the dam gets filled during the summer, the church goes under water,and accessible during the summer period. ( This reminds of the ancient Venugopalaswamy temple near Mysore, that got submerged in the KRS Dam backwaters.However the temple was ‘transplanted’ to a high ground stone by stone…) Channarayapatna to Krishnarajpet is about 30km. En route is the Hemagiri Falls near Kikkeri. Kitteri has the the 12th century Brahmeshvara temple, a compact specimen of Hoysala architecture. About 2km south of Krishnarajpet is Hosaholalu, with the Lakshminarayana temple, another must visit Hoysala temple.

“Agri tourism” or farm tourism

Is a holiday concept of visiting a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural or agribusiness operations for the purpose of infotainment, education or active involvement in the activities of the farm.Agri Tourism centres offer agri education and recreational opportunities to the whole family at affordable price. Crop production practices, rural games, festivals, food, dress and the nature provides variety of entertainment to the customers. Supply of fresh agricultural produce at farm gate and organic food could lure the urban tourists.To enhance its socio economic viability, Rural tourism development in areas not traditionally considered tourism destinations per se occurs incrementally that attract visitors or as a result of visitors discovering the area and thereby generating a demand for tourism related activities to which local entrepreneurs respond. The development of tourism in rural area is not simply a matter of matching tourist demands with local product supply but a matter of evaluating local suitability and acceptability.

“Tourists here are more interested in the biodiversity of the region. Though locals are unaware about it, enthusiasts from cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi come and stay here for a few days. They even work in the fields to get a feel of the work,” he said. At hatna village and we have been  developing it with thousands of species of herbs, shrubs, trees and named it as SumanaSangamaKaaduThota. “Bird-watchers come here to watch indigenous species of birds. We provide basic facilities and we don’t take money from them. We exchange knowledge and thoughts about ecology,” urbanized people are now put off by inorganic food. “As awareness about chemicals used to grow food increases, people are trying go the organic way. So, they come here to learn gardening by working with us in the fields. We’ve started training people in terrace gardening that includes sowing seeds, caring for plants and preventing diseases. We sensitize them to the environment,”People working in different sectors of urban life are interested in getting exposure to soil, water and trees. Currently, they come here after hearing about us social media platforms or through word of mouth .

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